Inspire creativity and imagination

Mad Mattr allows children to mold, shape, and create virtually anything they can imagine. It provides an outlet for creative expression, allowing individuals to bring their ideas to life and explore their artistic side.

Sensory Play

The soft and pliable texture of Mad Mattr provides a satisfying sensory experience. It can be stretched, squished, and manipulated, engaging the sense of touch and promoting sensory exploration.

Stress Relief

Playing with Mad Mattr can be calming and stress-relieving. The tactile nature of the compound can help reduce anxiety and provide a soothing activity to unwind and relax.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Manipulating Mad Mattr requires precision and control, which can help improve fine motor skills in children and adults alike. Pinching, rolling, and shaping the compound can enhance hand-eye coordination and dexterity.


Mad Mattr can be used for educational purposes to introduce concepts from science and math. Children can learn about shapes, structures, and geometry as they experiment with molding and shaping the compound.

Open-ended Play

There are no limitations to what can be created with Mad Mattr to help foster open-ended play. Open-ended play encourages children to think critically, problem-solve, and experiment as they explore different possibilities.

Color Exploration

Mad Mattr comes in a variety of vibrant colors, allowing children to mix them together to create even more possibilities. Having multiple colors on hand adds an extra layer of excitement to play.