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Relevant Play & Mad Mattr Dough FAQ

How do I order Mad Mattr and other items?

Thank you for your interest in Mad Mattr and our other products. You can find our toys in small and large retailers across the United States and other countries. Our products are also available for purchase on our website and popular online retailers, including Amazon. Click here to visit the Relevant Play Amazon store.

My dog ate one of your compounds (Mad Mattr, Kinetic Sand, Shape It!, Toki Dough), do I need to take him to the vet?

If you are unsure how much your pet has consumed, or are concerned for your pet's safety, we suggest consulting with your vet. We do not test our products on animals.

My Mad Mattr is not flowing like the videos and is crumbly, is it old?

Getting Mad Mattr to flow, like in our videos, takes practice. As the compound becomes warmer in your hand, it will be easier to make it flow.

Where can I find Mad Mattr in (Canada, Pakistan, Sweden etc.)?

Please reach out to and our International team will be in touch.

Does Mad Mattr contain or is produced in a facility with (soy, corn, latex, milk, wheat, nuts)?

While Mad Mattr and other compounds are wheat, gluten, and casein free, we cannot confirm if the factory location is nut-free.

Do I need to seal my Kinetic Sand or Mad Mattr in an air-tight container?

While our compounds do not dry out, even if left out for a long time, we do suggest storing our compounds in a clean, sealed container, to keep out dirt and dust.

Do I need to seal my Toki Dough in an air-tight container?

Toki Dough should be kept in the containers they came in or inside an air-tight container.

Can I buy the Brick Maker by itself?

At this time, the Ultimate Brick Maker is not available as a single purchase.

Can I buy Mad Mattr or Kinetic sand in bulk?

While we do not sell our compounds in bulk, we do understand that there are some special circumstances. Please reach out to and your inquiry will be reviewed.

What is Mad Mattr made of?

This is a secret, but our Mad Mattr is non-toxic and wheat, gluten, and casein free.

My child is allergic to gluten, are your compounds safe for them to play with?

Yes, Kinetic Sand, Mad Mattr, Toki Dough, and Shape it! are wheat, casein and gluten free products. The products are completely safe and non-toxic. If your child develops an irritation or rash, we recommend that you discontinue use and check with a physician.