Greetings, Educators!

We recognize that effective educational experiences and development are sometimes limited by access to learning aids and, in our case, specifically, manipulatives. Which is why we've created a special program for teachers and staff to buy Mad Mattr and Kinetic Sand directly.

This offer is exclusive to education professionals. Sign up to unlock savings for you and your classroom.


Who qualifies for this program?

K-12, High School, University, and post secondary faculty.

How do I get verified as a teacher?

All you need to do is 1) create an account with us here at Relevant Play, and 2) fill out and submit the SheerID form provided in the link above. It's simple and takes only seconds!

I have a home schooler, how can I qualify?

We partnered with SheerID for verification specifically because they can verify homeschoolers as well!

Detailed instructions for the home schooling market coming soon! In the interim, send us an email ( and we'll get you going.

How can I use Mad Mattr for education?

Glad you asked! Mad Mattr molds, shapes and cuts easily, making it idea for kids who want to create. Here are more ideas to get you started..

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