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Relevant Play partners with Authentic Labs to protect children from counterfeits

Relevant Play has partnered with Authentic Labs to empower parents with the ability to verify the authenticity of select products. Using the Real® by Authentic Labs app, parents can quickly scan Real labels on Relevant Play packaging to verify the genuineness of the product and access helpful and informative digital content for play, care, and handling of the product—information that can be referenced by the parent at any time in the future within the Real® app. 

“With product popularity comes a few challenges. As demand increases for Relevant Play products globally, we know for a fact that our toys have been copied and knocked-off. Unfortunately we have experienced this discovery after a fake product lands in the hands of our customers’ children,” says Chad Lucero, CEO & President of Relevant Play. “Our investment in Real® stems from our belief in protecting our consumers, the innocence and imagination of play, as well as enhancing the value of our customers’ investment in our products, which means doing all we can to guarantee safe play for all children.”

Parents can also use the Real® by Authentic Labs app to learn about Relevant Play’s social responsibility commitments and efforts. Specifically, Relevant Play’s association with the ICTI Ethical Toy Program and its commitment to the ethical and fair labor efforts that have been in play for years.

Download the Real® by Authentic Labs app:

Real® for iOS

Real® for Android